03 May 2008

How to stop bleeding of a cut lip??

I cut my lip a few minutes ago.... and it been bleeding, I thought I calm myself down by writing about it... Well I googled a bit on how to stop the bleeding.. here is what you got to do:

"Apply pressure to it with a damp washcloth or napkin. After it stops, put ice on it to ease the pain and to lessen swelling, don't keep it on there too long though." from Yahoo answers


  1. hehe
    search kohfaane komme fadha kamakah ves! :P
    ehenney vaanee kuda kudhin thoonu hathiyaaru gengulhenyaa :P

  2. my mom used to say applying killi would help. i dunno why she says dat...maybe because i was a kid and killi is something i dont get all the time..and it will make me happy. or maybe the chemicals in it DO some miracle. if it is not bleeding very bad, you can try that.and let me know the results. .... but i suppose you must have done what you found on the net.

    @ shweeeeet!; some even google for counseling , and for faalubelun.google = god.

  3. mini: it did work, but took like half an hour

    shweeeet: Search nukoh kihineh tha ulhey nee mi zamaanu ga ?? :P

    moyameeha: Interesting, I heard something like that too, if you stick an Areca Nut it would help stop bleeding O.o..

  4. same here as moyameeheena :D

  5. put ice....that would cause vasoconstriction and compress the veins near te skin...stopping the bleeding.